Our programs

ACCC is currently undertaking a number of activities to ensure that the country is in a better trajectory of mitigating and adapting to climatic changes, as well as environmental changes. These actives are categorised into four as explainied below.

Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

We carry out research and advocacy on policy, climate change adaptation technologies and indigenous knowledge, research and Advocacy on Disaster Risk Reduction in different sectors of the economy …

Infrastructure and Contracts Transparency

We promote and advocate for transparency and accountability in the construction sector with the view of realizing better service delivery and value for money. We also aspire to ensure that the environmental aspects are addressed in all construction projects.

Petroleum and Extractives Governance

We do research and advocacy of policy matters in mining with special focus on Artisanal Small & Medium Mining (ASM), conduct awareness on the dangers of mercury in Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining(ASGM), raise awareness and promote alternative technologies to Mercury use in gold mining, …

Agriculture, Gender and Human Rights

We provide guidance on the relevant inputs that farmers should use to maximize returns and ensuring food security, carry out research and advocacy on policy issues that affect gender and agriculture, empowering community Farmer Organizations to benefit from their products …