Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

  • Research and advocacy on policy, climate change adaptation technologies and indigenous knowledge.
  • Research and Advocacy on Disaster Risk Reduction in different sectors of the economy
  • Promote Tree Planting especially indigenous species which mature fast and have high commercial value while at the same time conserving and protecting the environment.
  • Advocate and promote for protection and conservation of natural ecosystems including wetlands management.
  • Advocate and carry out demonstrations for energy efficient systems for communities and institutions.
  • Promote and advocate on other forms of renewable energy.
  • Promote and advocate for water harvesting technologies for communities and institutions.

  Petroleum and Extractives Governance

  • Research and advocacy of policy matters in mining with special focus on Artisanal Small & Medium Mining (ASM)
  • Conduct awareness on the dangers of mercury in Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining(ASGM)
  • We raise awareness and promote alternative technologies to Mercury use in gold mining
  • Assist Artisanal Small & Medium Miners in establishing and sustaining alliances and networks with the view of increasing their bargaining power and improving their livelihoods
  • Research and advocacy in sustainable use of oil & gas for the benefits of all citizens

Agriculture, Gender and Human Rights

  • Provide guidance on the relevant inputs that farmers should use to maximize returns and ensuring food security.
  • Research and advocacy on policy issues that affect gender and agriculture.
  • Institutionalizing and mainstreaming Gender in the Agriculture Sector
  • Empowering community Farmer Organizations to benefit from their products
  • Provide skills transfer to the farmers in appropriate technologies to improve their yields and quality of life.
  • Education, awareness and skills transfer on agricultural based climate change adaptation strategies to farmers, women and youth groups, local leaders and technical staff.    

Infrastructure and Contracts Transparency

  • Promote and advocate for transparency and accountability in the construction sector with the view of realizing better service delivery and value for money.
  • Aspire to ensure that the environmental aspects are addressed in all construction projects.