Our background

Action Coalition on Climate Change (ACCC) is a non-governmental organization based in Kampala-Uganda. ACCC is currently undertaking a number of activities to ensure that the country is in a better trajectory of mitigating and adapting to climatic changes, as well as environmental changes.



our objectives

  • To promote, lobby and advocate for efficient natural resource conservation and utilization to improve people’s welfare and conserve the environment and its eco-functions.
  • To advocate, Research and champion efforts for the integration of climate change adaptation strategies and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the national policy and plans.
  • To promote best practices in the extractives sector with the view of improving peoples welfare and mitigating the negative effects of mining activity on the environment.
  • To promote effective gender based practices, human rights, food and agricultural policies.
  • To promote and advocate for transparency and accountability in the construction sector with the view of realizing better service delivery and value for money and observance of best environmental practices.

core values

  1. Advocacy and Research
  2. Accountability and Transparency
  3. Public Participation
  4. Access to Information
  5. Access to Justice